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LSOIT India has come with the objective to provide education in the field of IT at very cheap rates. We are first ISO 9001:2008 Company in India which has developed Interactive Video Tutorials in Hindi and English Mix Language. This is our Alphabet - CD1 Video tutorials and we have covered various Video Tutorials of Alphabet - CD1 Language like   Alphabet - CD1,   Role Of Accents - CD1,   Colors - CD1,   Days Of The Week. - CD1,   Common Phrases - CD1,   How To Tell Time In French - CD1,   Adjectifs Demonstratifs - CD2,   Il Y A In French - CD2,   Les Lieux (The Places) - CD2,   Singular Into Plural Form - CD2,   The Numbers - CD2,   Adjectives - CD2,   Countries - CD2,   How To Ask Questions In French - CD2,   Nationalities - CD2,   Uses Of Verb Faire And Jouer - CD2,   Adjectives Possessives - CD2,   How To Make Negative Sentenses - CD2,   Profession - CD2,   Subject Pronouns - CD3,   The Articles - CD3,   Le Pronom On - CD3,   The Family - CD3,   Er Verbs - CD3,   Re Verbs - CD3,   Ir Verbs - CD3,   Irregular Verbs - CD3,   Pronominal Verbs - CD3,   Stem Changing Verbs - CD3,   Weather - CD3,   Seasons - CD3,   Months Of The Year - CD3,   Partitives Articles - CD4,   Names Of The Body Parts - CD4,   Interrogative Adjectives - CD4,   French Symbols - Punctuation Marks - CD4,   Clothing - CD4,   Vowels - CD4,   Carte Postale - CD4,   French Pronunciation Tips - CD4,   Directions In French - CD4,   Prepositions - CD4,   Tout - Tous - Toute - Toutes - CD4,   How To Introduce Yourself In French - CD4,   Liaisons - CD4, etc. These tutorials will help understand the Alphabet - CD1 Language at fraction of cost than a regular course.

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  • It feels like the Alphabet - CD1 teacher is sitting beside you.
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