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LSOIT India has come with the objective to provide education in the field of IT at very cheap rates. We are first ISO 9001:2008 Company in India which has developed Interactive Video Tutorials in Hindi and English Mix Language. This is our Video tutorials and we have covered various Video Tutorials of Language like   An Introduction To C++ - CD1,   Basic Concept Of Object-Oriented Programming - CD1,   Need And Application Of Oops - CD1,   Back To C++ - CD1,   What Is C++ - CD1,   Installing Turbo C++ - CD1,   C++ Program Structure - CD1,   C++ First Program - CD1,   Running Program From Command Line - CD1,   Identifiers - CD1,   Keywords - CD1,   Header Files - CD1,   Preprocessor - CD1,   First Visit To Variables - CD1,   Getting Values From User - CD1,   Constants - CD1,   Comments - CD1,   Whitespaces - CD1,   Example - CD1,   Introduction To Data Types - CD1,   Integers - CD1,   Floating Point Numbers - CD1,   Boolean And Void Types - CD1,   Char Data Type - CD1,   User Defined Types - CD1,   Derived Data Types - CD1,   Mathmatical Operations - CD1,   Random Number - CD1,   Arithmetic Operators - CD1,   Relational Operators - CD1,   Logical Operators - CD1,   Increment Or Decrement Operators - CD1,   Conversion Between Binary And Decimal Numbers - CD2,   Bitwise Operators - CD2,   Assignment Opreators - CD2,   Type Casting - CD2,   Sizeof Operator - CD2,   Member Operators - CD2,   Comma And Airthmetic If Operators - CD2,   Precedence And Associativity - CD2,   Control Flow - CD2,   If Statement - CD2,   If-Else Statement - CD2,   If-Else Ladder - CD2,   Switch Statement - CD2,   While Loop - CD2,   Do-While Loop - CD2,   For Loop - CD2,   Nested Loop - CD2,   Break Statement - CD2,   Continue Statement - CD2,   Go To Statement - CD2,   Introduction To Functions - CD2,   Creating First Function - CD2,   Function With Arguments - CD2,   Function Example - CD2,   Return Statement - CD2,   Inline Function - CD2,   Default Values Of Arguments - CD2,   Call By Value - CD2,   Call By Reference - CD2,   Global Variables - CD2,   Recursive Function - CD2,   Arrays - CD3,   Printing An Array - CD3,   Taking User Values From User - CD3,   Multi Dimensional Arrays - CD3,   Woking With Two Dimensional Array - CD3,   Strings - CD3,   String Functions - CD3,   Pointers - CD3,   Array To An Pointer - CD3,   Passing Array To An Function - CD3,   Pointer Arithmetic - CD3,   Array Of Pointer - CD3,   Null Pointer - CD3,   References - CD3,   Storage Classes - CD3,   Static Keyword - CD3,   Structures - CD3,   Structure Example - CD3,   Structures As Function Arguments - CD3,   Pointer To Structure - CD3,   Typedef Keyword - CD3,   Date And Time - CD3,   Working With Date And Time Functions - CD3,   Using Tm Structure - CD3,   Classes In C++ - CD3,   Class Example - CD3,   Class Member Function - CD3,   Member Function(Example1) - CD3,   Complete Class - CD3,   Access Modifiers - CD3,   Public Modifier - CD3,   Private Modifier - CD3,   Protected Modifier - CD3,   Friend Functions - CD3,   Inline Function - CD4,   Constructors - CD4,   Default Constructor - CD4,   Parameterized Constructor - CD4,   Copy Constructor - CD4,   Private Constructor - CD4,   Destructor - CD4,   This Pointer - CD4,   Pointer To An Class - CD4,   Static Data In Class - CD4,   Static Member Functions In Class - CD4,   Encapsulation - CD4,   Data Abstraction - CD4,   Abstraction Example - CD4,   Overloading - CD4,   Function Overloading - CD4,   Operator Overloading(Plus Operator) - CD4,   Overloading Minus Operator - CD4,   Overloading Assignment Operator - CD4,   Overloading () Operator - CD4,   Overloading ++ Operator - CD4,   Inheritance - CD4,   Inheritance Types - CD4,   Single Inheritance - CD4,   Multilevel Inheritance - CD4,   Multiple Inheritance - CD4,   Hierarchical Inheritance - CD4,   Hybrid Inheritance - CD4,   Virtual Base Class - CD5,   Virtual Member Function - CD5,   Virtual Function Example - CD5,   Inheritance And Constructor - CD5,   Interface(Abstract Classes) - CD5,   Implementing Abstract Classes - CD5,   Polymorphism(Part1) - CD5,   Polymorphism(Part2) - CD5,   Files And Stream - CD5,   Writing To A File - CD5,   Reading From The File - CD5,   Strings In C++ - CD5,   Difference Between Turbo C++ And Dev C++ - CD5,   Installing Dev C++ - CD5,   Getline Function - CD5,   Concatination And Append Operation - CD5,   Assign Function - CD5,   Comparing Two Strings - CD5,   Find Function - CD5,   Size And Resize Functions - CD5,   Substr And Swap Functions - CD5,   Introduction To Namespace - CD5,   Namespace Example - CD5,   Using Directive - CD5,   Nested Namespace - CD5,   Introduction To Exception Handling - CD5,   Implementing Exception Handling - CD5,   Creating Own Exceptions - CD5,   Swaaping Two Numbers - CD6,   Concept Of Linear Search - CD6,   Linear Search Example - CD6,   Linear Search Program - CD6,   Binary Search Concept - CD6,   Binary Search Example - CD6,   Binary Search Program - CD6,   Bubble Sort Concept - CD6,   Bubble Sort Example - CD6,   Bubble Sort Program - CD6,   Selection Sort Concept - CD6,   Selection Sort Example - CD6,   Selction Sort Program - CD6,   New And Delete - CD6,   Example Of New And Delete - CD6,   Dynamic Memory Allocation For Arrays - CD6,   Dynamic Memory Allocation For Objects - CD6,   Introduction To Templates - CD6,   Function Template - CD6,   Example Of Function Template - CD6,   Class Templates - CD6,   Example Of Class Template - CD6,   Factorial Of A Number Using Classes - CD6,   Factorial Of A Number Using Recursion - CD6,   Fibonacci Series - CD6,   Pattern Creating(Example1) - CD6,   Pattern Creating (Example2) - CD6,   Swapping Two Numbers(Without Using Third Variable - CD6,   Counting Words In A String - CD6,   Finding Prime Number - CD6,   Vowels Counting In A String - CD6,   Calculate Reverse Of A Number - CD6,   Transpose Of A Matrix - CD6,   Addition Of Two Matrix - CD6,   Matrix Multiplication(Concept) - CD6,   Matrix Multiplication(Program) - CD6, etc. These tutorials will help understand the Language at fraction of cost than a regular course.

There are many benefits of learning through these Video Tutorials:

  • Every member at your home can learn through these Video Tutorials.
  • You can learn at fraction of cost like for you would pay normally 7000-9000, but through our Video Tutorials you can learn in just Rs. 750. The Video tutorial have been checked by experts like our video tutorial is checked by experts, so mistakes done by teachers have been removed.
  • These Video Tutorials are put in serial order, so that you can learn yourself step by step. We have covered all main topics and our content is so detailed that you cannot find anywhere.
  • We also do research and create tutorials for new topics, which teachers do not know completely and we send them as updates through e-mails, which are free for you for the Video tutorials you have purchased.
  • You can learn at any time of your choice, like on Sunday or at night.
  • Nothing goes missing and you can also learn again if you think you have forgotten any topic, as you can watch the videos tutorials again and again.
  • The Video Tutorials are in Hindi and English mix language, which gives you comfort at the time of learning .
  • It feels like the teacher is sitting beside you.
  • Intelligent/hardworking student do not need go slow with other students, they can complete the Video Tutorials much faster at their convenience.
  • Students normally hesitate while asking questions in class room, but in these Video tutorials he can listen to a teacher as many times, as he likes, without hesitation. It looks like teacher is repeating for you again and again till you understand the Video tutorials.