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LSOIT India has come with the objective to provide education in the field of IT at very cheap rates. We are first ISO 9001:2008 Company in India which has developed Interactive Video Tutorials in Hindi and English Mix Language. This is our Video tutorials and we have covered various Video Tutorials of Language like   The C# Language And Its Features - CD1,   The Common Language Runtime(Clr) - CD1,   Assemblies - CD1,   Dll Hell Problem - CD1,   Dll Hell Problem Solution - CD1,   Msil (Microsoft Intermediate Language) Code - CD1,   Just In Time Compilation - CD1,   The Framework Class Library (Fcl) - CD1,   The Common Language Specification (Cls) - CD1,   The Common Type System (Cts) - CD1,   Garbage Collection (Gc) - CD1,   The .Net Framework - CD1,   Installing .Net Framework - CD1,   The Visual Studio .Net Ide - CD1,   Installing Visual Studio 2008 - CD1,   Writing Program Without Visual Studio - CD1,   Working With Visual Studio .Net - CD1,   Understanding Application Code - CD1,   Important Points To Remember - CD1,   Basictypes - CD2,   Simple Types - CD2,   Variables - CD2,   Constant Variables - CD2,   Boxing And Unboxing - CD2,   Taking Input From User - CD2,   Type Casting - CD2,   Datetime Class - CD2,   Datetime Conversion - CD2,   Converting Strings To Numbers - CD2,   Arithmatic Operators - CD2,   Arithmatic Operators(Example) - CD2,   Assignment Operators - CD2,   Conditional Operators - CD2,   Logical Operators - CD2,   Ternary Operators - CD2,   Operator Precedence - CD2,   If Condition - CD2,   If-Else Statements - CD2,   Nested If Statements - CD2,   If-Else Ladder - CD2,   Switch Statements - CD2,   While Loop - CD3,   Do-While Loop - CD3,   For Loop - CD3,   Foreach Loop - CD3,   Break And Goto Statements - CD3,   Continue Statements - CD3,   Return Statements - CD3,   Introduction - CD3,   Single Dimension Array - CD3,   Iterating Through Single Dimension Array - CD3,   Taking Arrays Values From User - CD3,   Two Dimensional Array - CD3,   Accesisng Values From Two Dimension Array - CD3,   Jagged Array - CD3,   Working With Jagged Arrays - CD3,   Functions - CD4,   Writing First Function - CD4,   Function With Return Statement - CD4,   Function With Parameters - CD4,   Scope Of Variables In Function - CD4,   The Out Modifier - CD4,   Reference Parameters(Ref) - CD4,   The Params Modifier - CD4,   Namespaces - CD4,   Alias Directive - CD4,   Classes And Objects - CD4,   Defining Classes - CD4,   Access Modifiers - CD4,   Static Members Of Class - CD4,   Constructors - CD4,   Types Of Constructors - CD4,   Constructor Overloading - CD4,   Method Overloading - CD4,   Destructors - CD4,   Inheritence - CD4,   Implementing Inheritance - CD4,   The Base Keyword - CD4,   Protected Access Modifier - CD4,   The Sealed Keyword - CD4,   Polymorphism And Its Types - CD5,   Method Overriding - CD5,   Operator Overriding - CD5,   Preprocesser Directives - CD5,   Implement A Property - CD5,   Types Of Property - CD5,   Introduction Indexers - CD5,   Implement An Indexer - CD5,   Indexers Overloading - CD5,   Difference Between Class And Structure - CD5,   Defining A Struct - CD5,   Constructors With Struct - CD5,   Adding Methods To Struct - CD5,   Abstract Classes - CD5,   Creating Abstract Classes - CD5,   Purpose Of Interface - CD5,   Creating Interface - CD5,   Implement Interface Inheritance - CD5,   Collection Namespace - CD6,   Arraylist - CD6,   Stack - CD6,   Queue - CD6,   Hashtable - CD6,   Sorted List Method And Properties - CD6,   Example Of Sorted List - CD6,   The String Class And Its Members - CD6,   Working With String Class - CD6,   Stringbuilder Class And Its Members - CD6,   Working With Stringbuilder Class - CD6,   Introduction To Exception Handling - CD6,   Working With Exception - CD6,   Handling Specific Exception - CD6,   Creating Own Exception - CD6,   Re-Throwing The Exception - CD6,   An Introduction To Delegates - CD6,   Working With Delegates - CD6,   Multicast Delegates - CD6,   Events In C# - CD7,   Creating Event And Event Handler - CD7,   What Is Enum - CD7,   Create New Enum Types - CD7,   Same Values In Enum Type - CD7,   How Generic Collections Can Benefit You - CD7,   Creating Generic List Collections - CD7,   Working With Dictionary Collections - CD7,   File Management Introduction - CD7,   Exists And Create Method - CD7,   Performing File Opreations - CD7,   Working With Directories - CD7,   Getting Drive Information - CD7,   Path Helper Class - CD7,   Reading Files - CD7,   Writing To Files - CD7,   Problem That Nullable Types Solve - CD8,   How To Declare A Nullable Type - CD8,   Learn How To Use Nullable Types - CD8,   Common Issues - CD8,   Breakpoints - CD8,   Debug Class - CD8,   Example How Garbage Collection Works - CD8,   Calculater - CD8,   Passing File To Arraylist - CD8,   Validation On Properties Using Exceptions - CD8,   Generic Delegates - CD8,   Constructor And Destructors - CD8, etc. These tutorials will help understand the Language at fraction of cost than a regular course.

There are many benefits of learning through these Video Tutorials:

  • Every member at your home can learn through these Video Tutorials.
  • You can learn at fraction of cost like for you would pay normally 7000-9000, but through our Video Tutorials you can learn in just Rs. 750. The Video tutorial have been checked by experts like our video tutorial is checked by experts, so mistakes done by teachers have been removed.
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  • We also do research and create tutorials for new topics, which teachers do not know completely and we send them as updates through e-mails, which are free for you for the Video tutorials you have purchased.
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  • It feels like the teacher is sitting beside you.
  • Intelligent/hardworking student do not need go slow with other students, they can complete the Video Tutorials much faster at their convenience.
  • Students normally hesitate while asking questions in class room, but in these Video tutorials he can listen to a teacher as many times, as he likes, without hesitation. It looks like teacher is repeating for you again and again till you understand the Video tutorials.